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About Chadima Furniture and Restoration
Originally called The CFR Company, we started in 1982. After hearing "What does CFR mean?" time after time, we changed our name to Chadima Furniture and Restoration, answering the question once and for all.

Our intent was to be solely a refinishing company, performing "restoration" rather than refinishing. Our process of refinishing is a method that restores rather than refinishes.

Since our inception, we have diversified many times, and are now a full-service woodworking company.

Our process of refinishing is a method that restores rather than refinishes.

When we received our first grand piano to refinish, it was time to move to bigger facilities more conducive to restoring larger pieces. We have relocated twice since 1982, and have been in our current location since 1984.

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Bruce Chadima

We maintain very high standards for our customers. By purchasing high quality products and tooling, we produce the best result possible.

Our Guarantee: 
Our craftsmanship is unconditionally guaranteed. Our repairs are marked with the length of the guarantee or a stamp explaining why we cannot guarantee a particular piece.

With each of our guaranteed finishes, we will warranty it for the time we list against naturally cracking, chipping, peeling, fading, water, and warm heat (not hot heat). Our 5 guaranteed finishes are: 6 months - 5 years 10 year, and 2 choices of Lifetime (price varies with each option) All finishes receive a warranty pamphlet with the applicable finish marked for your particular project. Warranty pamphlets must be kept and presented upon each individual request for a damage claim for any and all warranty work. All our finishes are options that you may choose at the time of your estimate, and are priced accordingly.

All projects will be done in as timely of a fashion as possible. One of our most stringent policies is that WE WILL NOT compromise quality for speed. Projects may become delayed to do additional unseen work not noticed at the time of your estimate. We will call all our customers for approval for unseen work prior to additional billing.

Repairs Covered By Insurance
Claims will be accepted from businesses or directly from the general public. Chadima Furniture will perform woodworking services for insurance claims for moving companies, furniture manufacturers, furniture re-sellers, the public, or any other claim involved with furniture. Our basic capability is servicing wood furniture or cabinets, however we will gladly contract out other services that are furniture related, such as furniture cleaning or upholstering. We can accept no responsibility for timeliness of returned claims when we contract out. We do choose highly reputable businesses with extremely good qualifications for our contractors. 

Personal/General Public Claims - In the event the general public contacts us and we have not set up an account for the particular company involved in your claim, we require the customer to be responsible for the payment of all claim monies due. The claim company you are dealing with must be first time approved and have an account set up with us before services will be rendered to you, if you wish your claim to be paid by them and not you personally. This can add to the turn around time for all projects. All personal/public claims should check with your insurance company to make certain all fees will be reimbursed, including estimating, pick up and delivery fees. For rates and/or fees, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Business Claims - Please download our Adobe PDF file for all our terms and policies regarding claims and payment. You may also call us for direct mailing or fax to receive our terms.

Insurance Policy/Terms - Download the Insurance Claim Policies Here 
NOTE: (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
Adobe Acrobat Reader - Click to get the free version of Acrobat Reader if you do not have it.
These policies must be downloaded, sent, or faxed to you as well as thoroughly read, BEFORE we do any work. Once you have read our policies, please contact us immediately if you have any questions or limitations, as your claim will begin to be processed immediately under all of our normal terms listed.

Our Service Policies

Estimates are good for 30 days only. Unless you have pre-paid, prices may vary depending on time involved and/or additional repairs needed.

Payment Terms:
Our payment terms are as follows: 50% down with every job, balance due on completion of work. We also offer a 10% payment discount for full payment in advance. We accept personal and business checks, money orders, cashiers checks and cash. We do not accept credit cards in our store, however we do allow credit card payment online through Paypal wherever noted.

Change During The Process:
Chadima Furniture & Restoration will supply original paint, stain, and finish products, unless otherwise stated. Any additional changes in colors, finish, or repairs requested by the customer after work has begun will result in extra charges. Removing completed work for a customer change will also result in additional charges.

Late Payment:
All payments for residential work not received in our office upon completion of work will accrue a finance charge of 18% per year, or 1.5% per month, on the unpaid balance. All payments for commercial work not received in our office on the 30th day after the invoice date will accrue a finance charge of 18% per year, or 1.5% per month, on the unpaid balance.

Storage Fees:
If the process of pickup or delivery becomes delayed due to the customer, a storage fee of $20.00 per month, per piece, will be charged to the customer, with a minimum of a one-month charge.

Chadima Furniture & Restoration will deliver free to designated areas with a minimum order for that area. Call or write for details about your area. All pieces must be picked up within five (5) working days if delivery failed due to the customer for any reason. Finance and storage charges will apply after the 5-day period expires.

Legal Fees:
In the event legal proceedings are instituted by Chadima Furniture & Restoration to collect any sums deemed to be overdue, customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees incurred by Chadima Furniture & Restoration.

Returned Check Charges:
We will impose a $20.00 charge for checks returned due to insufficient funds each time the payment of the check is refused.

Furniture Sales & Delivery Policies

First Come, First Serve:
In the event of multiple requests for a particular item, the first request and payment we receive will take the item.

Payment Terms:
We accept MasterCard & Visa online through PayPal wherever noted. We do not accept credit cards in our store. Personal, business and cashier's checks, money orders and cash are also accepted. Please allow 5 working days for your personal or business check to clear before we pack and ship your items.

Delivery of Goods:
Whether you purchase Online or In our Store, You may pick up your purchase, or we'll pack it and ship it to you. All freight and carton charges will be FOB Chadima Furniture & Restoration in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We do not recommend shipping valuable antiques. If you must have them shipped, please make sure that you have specific insurance to cover the value of the merchandise, as well as the antique value. Items too large to ship in a single box/container will be disassembled and must be reassembled upon delivery. Multiple boxes/containers will be used for larger orders. Local purchases may qualify for free delivery. Terms must be met for this. Free delivery minimums and delivery fee's vary from city to city and should be checked with us before confirming any deliveries.

Re-Possession Rights
We reserve the right to re-possess any and all pieces we have worked on if the balance has not been paid in full. Any and all property not paid in full within 30 days of first notice for delivery or customer pick up (by any and all means) will result in the right of re-possession to Chadima Furniture & Restoration. Storage fees, late fees, and all other stated fees will be added to the amount due Chadima Furniture & Restoration. We reserve the right to sell any and all merchandise that is unpaid by the above conditions at a price set by us. Customers who have lost their pieces by re-possession will be required to purchase their item back at our asking price after the 30 day period has elapsed. We also reserve the right to place a mechanics lean on homes where we perform in house jobs.

Sales Tax:
Sales tax will be charged accordingly -
Iowa residents - The Current Iowa Sales tax rate of any sale or service.
Out of State orders for goods or services - no tax will be charged for any goods or orders until a new law is passed requiring it.

Returned Checks:
We will impose a $35.00 charge for checks returned due to insufficient funds each time the payment of the check is refused.

I prefer PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions!

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